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What sort of costumes can I wear? For example, is cosplay okay?

Everything goes at CostumeCon! Replicas and originals, media characters and historical dress, movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime/manga, video games, art, concepts, mash-ups and inspirations, everything is acceptable and loved.

Can I wear hall costumes?

Of course! Please do! We all love costumes, we love seeing them and photographing them and sharing them with one another. And, not everybody is interested in competing, so feel free to just enjoy yourself in a costume the whole weekend without having to get up on stage.

There will also be roving judges handing out hall contest ribbons to costumes they really enjoy, with special theme categories each day. You might win without even trying!

Will there be meetups and photoshoots for my favorite series/game/movie?

Costume-Con does not traditionally support fandom meet-ups like you see at a lot of fan-run genre cons. If you would like to make plans with others to get together and take photos, you can do that! But don’t expect a schedule of fandom or series photoshoots one after the other. So many different types of costumes are represented at CC, and you’ll get a chance to see and photograph all of them.

But I’m afraid I’m not good enough for CC!

Don’t be! Costume-Con is not some special elite club for only experts, it’s for everyone who loves costumes, no matter what skill level.

I’m afraid I can’t come if I don’t make new costumes!

Please come! Many people who attend Costume-Con visit from all across the continent, so a costume that’s “old” to you will be brand-new to them! It’s a good opportunity to show off your favorite costumes, or break something out of retirement for one more wearing.

Can we wear purchased/commissioned costumes?

In the hallways, yes. Whatever you have, whatever you want! We only ask that purchased and commissioned costumes are not entered in any of the masquerade contests.

Do we have to wear costumes?

Not at all, nobody will require you to be in a costume just to attend the con. If you would rather go casual and spend your time soaking up the costume information and all the pretty sights, feel free!

Will I be sent a physical ticket to the con? Or my badge?

No tickets, vouchers, or badges will be mailed out prior to CC36. If you register online, your information will be automatically entered, and you may bring your confirmation if you’re worried. At the conference, just present your ID and state your name, and we’ll be able to look you up in our database and present you with your badge and swag bag!

Mail and in-person registration will not receive a receipt unless requested. If you need confirmation that your registration has been received, please use our Contact Form to request one.

What happens if I register but then can’t attend?

Memberships are transferable. If you find out too late that you can’t attend, and you would like to transfer your membership, please use our Contact Form to request that change.

What are the competitions and what are the differences between them?

There are four masquerades:

  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy (SF&F)
  • Historical
  • Future Fashion Folio
  • Single Pattern

The SF&F and Historical provide the usual stage format most competitors are used to. The SF&F masquerade is the anything-goes masquerade, where both media re-creations and original costume concepts are welcome. Costumes don’t have to be specifically science-fiction or fantasy related, but the general expectation is that it’s not something strictly realistic, be that past, present, or future. You’ll see a mix of everything from media characters to amazing concepts embodied in clothing.

The Historical masquerade is for historical clothing (of course), but includes ethnic dress and some historically-inspired costumes. It doesn’t have to all be exact reproductions of period clothing, there are other categories, but in general, there aren’t often many media characters seen in the Historical masquerade.

In contrast, there are two more casual contests, the Future Fashion Folio (FFF) and the Single Pattern contest. The FFF is unique to Costume-Con (see below). The Single Pattern is a very casual contest that is held during the Friday Night Social.

What is the Future Fashion Folio?

The Future Fashion Folio is something unique to CC. It is a contest in two parts, one for designers and one for creators. Prior to CC36, you will have an opportunity to send in designs of costumes and clothing, which will be judged by a special panel and chosen for publication in the Folio. When you register for CC36, you will receive a copy of the FFF ahead of time (electronically, unless specified otherwise) to page through and maybe find a costume you would like to create. Then, at CC36, you are able to bring that costume to the Future Fashion Show to display and maybe win awards for creation. The key to the Folio is design, and unlike all the other competitions, you do not have to be a registered member of the convention to submit designs to the Folio.

What is site selection?

Costume-Con is a traveling convention, which means that every year, someone has to volunteer to host it in a new city. Groups like chapters of the ICG or collectives of costumers with similar interests get together and bid to host CC by putting together a committee and preparing to lay the groundwork for running a convention. Bidding is done at the current year’s Costume-Con for the one to be held three years out – for example, bidding for CC36 was done at CC33. One of the other future-cons will serve as Site Selection Commissioner, to handle the ballots for voting and the fees involved. Yes, there is a fee to vote, but it goes toward membership in that convention, so that when the votes are tallied and the winner is announced, you’ve already got a stake in the con.