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Baron’s Beauties

Baron's Beauties sells toys and accessories. It is a very personal booth, combining the work of my creativity and imagination with slightly random items that made me think Shiny!

I create unique and sometimes extravagant cloth parasols. I embellish my parasols with beads, tassels, fringe, lace, and other decorations. There is even a Harley Quinn inspired parasol.

Most of the parasols are large, but there is also small child size option an extra large version. Parasols are available in a variety of colors.

There are fans to provide portable air conditioning to accompany my portable shade. They come from Africa, China, Japan, Spain, and Thailand. The Totoro fans are my personal favorite.

I also make the pockets, goblet covers, and some of the hair sticks in the booth.

The handmade patches highlight my inner geek. From the rare Don Quixote patch (tilts at windmills is the story of my life) through Daleck jokes -- the selection is eclectic. My inner geek has a large Shakespeare section.

Other friends make the hand-etched metal disk art, pins and hair ties, and the leather eye patches.