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Bob Mogg

The Iron Tailor

Bob Mogg is an engineer by training, a historian by education, a teacher by experience, a costumer by preference, and an all-around maker just because that's what he is good at!  Combining all of these talents results in a prolific maker who takes the time to document and teach classes about some of his gadgets and costumes.  Since not everyone will fit into a classroom, he makes all of these projects available on his blog: Currently over 250 projects are detailed, mostly in the Steampunk genre, but many that crossover into other areas, or are just impossible to classify.

Bob got his costuming start with the San Diego Costumers' Guild in the 1990s, with Renaissance and Medieval costumes.  His first suit of chain mail earned him the 'Iron Tailor' moniker!  From there, he was introduced to Civil War and Victorian Costuming, which (for an engineer) is just a slippery slope into Steampunk.

Bob is a popular instructor and panelist at a variety of Southern California conventions, and strives to come up with 4 to 8 new projects every month.