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Can You Really DO That to Shoes??

Location: Shutters East II
Time: 9:00 AM
Duration: 80 min.
Presenters: Margot Silk Forrest
Type: lecture

This combination slide show, trunk show, and lecture will give you ideas, inspiration, and solid technical information on how to paint and decorate shoes (or other leather accessories) to work with your costumes. Lots of before-and-after examples of transformed shoes. You’ll see shoes that have been painted, color blocked, sponged, glittered, stenciled and stamped. You’ll learn the best ways to attach embellishments ranging from simple ribbon to feathers, chain, crystals, even chain maille. Includes a detailed handout on how to prep, paint (and or glitter) and seal shoes, how to stitch on embellishments, and which glues to use to reliably attach decorations like piping, trim, chain, and more.