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Textile Expert

Susan Lazear is a Professor of Fashion at Mesa College in San Diego where she teaches a variety of fashion courses including patternmaking, draping, textile design, etc. Susan designs wearable art, unusual fine art crafts and is a computer graphic artist.  In addition to her teaching she combines her skills in the creation of a line of software for sewers and textile artists under the Cochenille Design Studio name.   ...continue reading "Susan Lazear"

The Iron Tailor

Bob Mogg is an engineer by training, a historian by education, a teacher by experience, a costumer by preference, and an all-around maker just because that's what he is good at!  Combining all of these talents results in a prolific maker who takes the time to document and teach classes about some of his gadgets and costumes.  Since not everyone will fit into a classroom, he makes all of these projects available on his blog: Currently over 250 projects are detailed, mostly in the Steampunk genre, but many that crossover into other areas, or are just impossible to classify.

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One of the Founders of Costume-Con

Karen Schnaubelt has been costuming since 1973, doing both media re-creations and her own original designs, and has won major awards at every level of competition in 5 different decades.

Her work appears in the Star Fleet Technical Manual, The Costume-Maker's Art, and Cosplay World. She is cited in Watching Anime, Reading Manga as one of the earliest anime-based cosplayers in the U.S.  ...continue reading "Karen Schnaubelt"