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Future Fashion Folio

The Future Fashion Design Contest (FFDC) has been a part of every Costume-Con, though its origin predates Costume-Con. The FFDC is a design competition open to anyone which takes place before the convention. Winners are selected, and are then published in the Future Fashion Folio. Members of Costume-Con can choose to make a design for the Future Fashion Show, which occurs during the convention. The rules for the Costume-Con 36 Future Fashion Design Contest are:

  1. All entries must be original designs. You may submit as many designs as you wish and as many times as you wish. You may draw your design on a traced figure if you like. Some sources for stock figures (croquis) are
  2. Designs will be judged solely on the design, not the quality of the drawing.
  3. You do not need to be a member of Costume-Con 36 to submit designs. However, you must be a member of Costume-Con 36 to make up a design for the Future Fashion Show.
  4. Deadline for entry is October  31, 2017.
  5. Designs should be drawn on white, 8 ½” X 11” paper.
  6. Do not submit original artwork. Paper entries should be copies. Scans are also accepted.
  7. Designs must be black and white, line art, inked images. No pencil, color, or shaded drawings should be used for the primary submission. While you may submit color or shaded versions as well, all designs must include a black and white line image. Scanned images must be at least 300 dpi and no more than 600 dpi.  Each design should include a description which identifies the source or inspiration, if any, construction notes, color preferences, and/or explanations of any details to help the judges and makers.
  8. Physical (paper) submissions should be marked on the back with the name, postal address, e-mail address of the submitter, as well as a title. They should also be labeled Design of 1 of x, 2 of x and so forth. Additional views should be labeled 1a of x and so forth. Descriptions of the designs should also be on the back of the design.
  9. Scanned submissions must consist of two parts. Each scan should be named “Design 1 of x” and so forth. Submissions must be in .jpg format. The description must be in a separate file, in .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt format and must be named “Design description 1 of x” and so forth.
  10. You can mail designs to our physical address. These can be on paper, or digitally on a CD, DVD or flash drive. The mailing address is:

Pierre and Sandy Pettinger
5100 Leighton Ave.
Lincoln, NE 685042

  1. Designs can be e-mailed to us at: Please limit each e-mail to one scan and description per e-mail.
  2. Designs can be entered in any category. Some categories are, but are not limited to, bridal, sportswear, business, children’s, party, formal, casual or anything else you can think of. If you don’t include a category, we will assign the design to the most likely category. We reserve the right to change categories when deemed necessary.
  3. Costume-Con 36 will have 3 special design categories. You should note if a design is intended for a special category.
  4. The special categories are:
    1. Maritime: Clothing appropriate for any navy, coast guard, merchant marine, pirate or any other nautical individual or group. This is not limited to the planet Earth or water.
    2. Shore Leave: Clothing appropriate for service, entertainment, or any person, company or group intended to cater to sailors on shore leave.
    3. Culture Mash-Up:  Assume two disparate cultures colonize a planet. Over time they will cross-pollinate each other. Design costumes featuring this crossover. Cultures need not be limited to current or past earth cultures. Projected future cultures as well as cultures from film and literature welcome. (Mayan-Klingon? Centauri-Castithan?)
  5. By submitting designs to the Costume-Con 36 Future Fashion Design Contest, you agree to their publication in the Future Fashion Folio, which will be distributed to all members.
  6. By submitting designs to the Costume-Con 36 Future Fashion Design Contest, you agree to allow any member of the convention to make the design for the Future Fashion Show. Designers will be allowed first choice to make a design. Only one of each design will be allowed on stage. Other than the designer, designs are reserved by first come, first served.
  7. Designers may note they wish to reserve a particular design for their own creation at the time of entry. If that design is chosen to be included in the Folio, its reserved status will be noted in the Folio.
  8. By submitting designs to the Costume-Con 36 Future Fashion Design Contest, you agree to their use before, during and after the convention for promotional purposes for Costume-Con 36 or Costume-Cons in general.
  9. Other than the uses noted above, designers retain all copyrights to their designs.
  10. Designs will not be returned unless requested, and only if sufficient postage is supplied.
  11. All submitters, as well as all members of the convention, will receive a copy of the Folio, in PDF format.
  12. Above all, have fun!