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Getting Wired! Basic Electronics Tech for Costuming and Props

Location: Shutters East II
Time: 4:00 PM
Duration: 110 min.
Presenters: Jamie Hanrahan
Type: demo, meetup

So... you know a little, or maybe even a lot, about electronics. Now, how do you apply that to costuming and propbuilding? It's not just about what works on the bench, but what is small and light enough, bright enough, and reliable enough to work on stage and in the halls. This is where we’ll talk about that. This is a combined meetup/demo, so if you’ve done some cool stuff (like maybe something you wore in the F&SF masquerade last night? Hint hint) that you’d like to show off, please bring it! (Be ready for us to ask you how you did it.) Novices are more than welcome too – there will be plenty of information for everyone!