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Hall Costumes

Just a word on Hall Costume awards...

Just a word on Hall Costume awards:

A Hall Costume is a costume worn by convention members while they wander the halls and attend panels. These are not eligible for entry into the Masquerades for competition, but can be entered as exhibition only. There will be awards given for particularly creative and original Hall Costumes by special judges.

Hall Costumes can be original, purchased, rented, or can be something you haven't worn in years. You can also wear a costume you've worn in a Masquerade previously and won prizes for. Your creativity doesn't stop when you step off the stage, so show off your hard work!

Masquerade/contest competitors may wear costumes or partial costumes in the halls from their hotel room/car to go to their prospective event. Also, you may leave the green room area to use the facilities as needed. We try to keep Masquerade costumes a surprise for the audience, so please prepare accordingly. If you are approached by a Hall Costume judge while in the common areas, please inform them you are in competition.