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Kansas Mercantile

"Our stock on everything new and desirable in the way of Dry Goods, for the Fall and Winter trade, has never been as good at this season as it is now. To reduce it as much as possible, we will from this date offer everything at prices much reduced.
For the Gentleman: fine wool Derby and Top hats, Newsboys and Gamblers, silk and brocade Cravats in paisley and other colors, Tailcoats, Shirts, Trousers, Braces, and Waistcoats in plentiful supply.
For the Lady: Corsets, ready and custom made, Ballgowns by a special commission in advance, Chemises, Drawers, Petticoats, Hoop skirts, both plain and ruffled, Bustles, Underpinnings, Handkerchiefs, Aprons, Gloves, Hair Nets,
A New Selection of the latest fashionable Bonnets, Beaded Reticules, tape lace Parasols and Fans will be available for your summer comfort. Several of the finest paisley Wraps and beaded Peacock Shawls for the cool evening ball season approaching and every desirable addition to the ladies wardrobe can be obtained.
For the Dressmaker, hook and eye tape, cotton twill tape for the protection of hems, boning, corset lacing, coutil, corsets of the fanciest oriental brocades, available custom to your order, and the latest in French fashion patterns, spanning Georgian, Regency, Victorian & Edwardian eras. Also, a fine selection of the sheerest cotton for your summer comfort.
Our knowledgeable clerks, P. Atkins and S. Bierle will be glad to be of service to you."

There will be a coupon available in the CC36 Program Book for a free gift with $100 purchase so keep an eye out!

S Peters, Proprietress,
Kansas Mercantile