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Making Medals

Location: Catalina II
Time: 5:00 PM
Duration: 60 min.
Presenters: Bob Mogg
Type: workshop

Whether earned or plundered, medals are an important accessory to many Steampunk outfits. Wearing real medals that you did not earn shows serious disrespect for the sacrifices of our military personnel, as well as being illegal! So the solution is to create your own medals! Who wouldn’t be proud to wear their Legion of Merit from the tiny Principality of Steamphoria? A conspicuous Award for Action against Air Pirates will almost always let you drink for free at a Merchant Marine Tavern. In the class you choose the medallion and ribbon to create your own medal. Cost: $5 for all materials; tools are provided. Limit 24 participants. Choose your 15 minute slot at sign up for this quick make and take. Sign up at the programming table.