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Programming & Events

Our programming schedule will include an exciting variety of panels, lectures, round table discussions, demonstrations, workshops and meetups on a wide variety of costume and community-related topics. Most programming items will last about an hour, but you may see a few longer sessions, especially workshops. The complete schedule will be available closer to the convention!

The programming at Costume-Con is provided by member volunteers. You must have an attending membership to Costume-Con 36 in order to serve as a presenter.

We are currently recruiting participants for the following types of activities:

  • LECTURES or moderated slide shows, are usually presented by an individual and are a chance for a presenter to offer in depth knowledge in a prepared format. Some sample topics could include Dyeing Natural Fiber Fabrics, World War Two and Fashion on the Homefront, Armor and Armaments of the Samurai Warrior Class, or What I learned about the Fashion Industry on Study Abroad in Paris.
  • DEMONSTRATIONS  Do you have a gadget or skill which you'd be willing to demonstrate?  Walk us through the making of a mascot head or show us what you can do with thermoplastics. Demonstrate the routine maintenance on a sewing machine or how to go about tablet weaving. Demonstrations involve the audience watching YOU do something interesting.
  • WORKSHOPS  Is there a technique you'd be willing to teach to others? These limited attendance sessions require advance sign up by participants at the convention and may charge a small materials fee or have a list of materials students are required to bring with them. They could be a simple skills practice or you could start students on a project that they can finish at home.
  • ROUNDTABLES are informal discussions on any topic of interest. Discussion leaders need not be an expert on the topic, merely informed enough to lead the discussion. Example topics could include Steampunk as a Lifestyle, Challenges of Historical Reenactment, or Cosplaying with your Children.
  • PANELS are a moderated discussion among three to five persons chosen for their variety of experience on the topic. Moderators should be comfortable guiding the discussion of a group with varying opinions, as well as facilitating questions from the audience. Some sample topics could include Traveling with Costumes, Lolita Style, or Cosplay on a Budget.
  • MEETUPS are informal gatherings where those with a shared interest can meet. Meetups could be on any topic related to costuming, but must be open to all members of the convention in order to be scheduled in convention space. Meetups require a host, and could be an in-person meeting of an online community, a local guild, or special interest group. This could also be your chance to pull attendees with a shared interest out of the woodwork. Find your fellow LARPers or doll enthusiasts.

To volunteer, to run present, or host a programming item, please fill out the following form:

Merchant's Alley


    • Quilt Show QUILT & WEARABLE ART CONTEST INSTRUCTIONS & DEADLINES Bobby Gear Memorial Quilt & Wearable Art Show CostumeCon 36, May 11-14, 2018, San Diego, California After creating your fabulous quilt for CostumeCon 36, 'What do I do with it?' you ask? Well, here are your answers: *Please direct any questions or comments directly to Elaine Sims at or by ... Read more
    • Costume Exhibit The Costume Exhibit will contain samples of our Guest of Honor's costumes, an bridal outfit that has been beaded all over, plus other costumes from some of the attendees. Read more
    • Aloha Shirt Contest Let’s make Hawaiian Shirts! Beachy, fun, ugly, tropical, exotic, tried and true.  The Hawaiian Shirt Exhibit for Costume-Con 36 will bring out the best (and hopefully also the worst) in trite fashion design. And, what would you wear to the beach on a desert island, on a tropical paradise, on a cruise ship to who knows where? Here ... Read more
    • Doll Costume Contest Doll Costume Contest  You may submit a human or alien doll, or a costumed creature. A purchased figure, such as a Barbie doll, a BJD, or a Breyer horse, or a personally crafted figure may be entered. There will be separate judging categories for purchased figures embellished by the entrant and entrant-made figures. Entrants should clearly state ... Read more
    • Single Pattern Competition The Single Pattern competition provides entrants with a small selection of commercial patterns to construct and put their own spin on the finished product. The Single Pattern Competition will take place before the Friday Night Social party, in a simple fashion-show style format.  No skits or other types of detailed presentations are required; entrants will walk ... Read more
    • Historical Masquerade The Historical Masquerade showcases costumes from historical periods and cultures of human civilization. Special attention is paid to such aspects as period-specific techniques and accurate details. Rules for the Historical Masquerade The Costume-Con 36 Historical Masquerade celebrates the history of costume, including all cultures, periods, and types of dress. It recognizes creativity, scholarship, stage presentation, and workmanship ... Read more
    • Sci-Fi & Fantasy Masquerade The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Masquerade is our "anything goes" contest. Cosplayers and steampunks are encouraged to participate in this masquerade. All forms for submission are available here and on your "My Con Info" page.  Sci-Fi & Fantasy Masquerade Rules I.    Competition Categories All costumes entered must be either Original or Re-creation. Original costumes are designed by the contestant, although ... Read more
    • Hall Costume Awards Are you fond of showing off your costume in the halls? Well you’re in luck: Our sharp-eyed hall judges will be wandering, looking for gems in the crowd. Don’t be surprised if someone comes up to you and hands you an award for your awesome work! Read more
    • Future Fashion Design Contest and Folio The Future Fashion Design Contest (FFDC) has been a part of every Costume-Con, though its origin predates Costume-Con. The FFDC is a design competition open to anyone which takes place before the convention. Winners are selected, and are then published in the Future Fashion Folio. Members of Costume-Con can choose to make a design for ... Read more


    • Quilt Show QUILT & WEARABLE ART CONTEST INSTRUCTIONS & DEADLINES Bobby Gear Memorial Quilt & Wearable Art Show CostumeCon 36, May 11-14, 2018, San Diego, California After creating your fabulous quilt for CostumeCon 36, 'What do I do with it?' you ask? Well, here are your answers: *Please direct any questions or comments directly to Elaine Sims at or by ... Read more
    • Exhibit Hall Coming Soon Read more


    • Tea by the Sea Saturday afternoon tea will be....a time to spend with friends and family.  Watch the Captains and Beachwear Through The Ages fashion show. The tea will cost $55 per person.  On offer will be a selection of four tea sandwiches, fresh fruit, scones, and four petit four for dessert along with a selection of tea bags. Get your ... Read more
    • Friday Night Social We are working on a wonderful Friday Night Social. The theme of the night will be USO. So, don your best World War II uniform, nurse's uniform or your best dancing outfit and head on down to the party. There will be coffee and donuts and music and dancing.  During the evening, you'll be shown ... Read more

    Panels & Presentations

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