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Programming & Events

Merchant's Alley

  • Vendor Information We are working on getting you a nice variety of wonderful vendors. We are currently full and have a waiting list. Watch this space to see the list of Merchants we have coming. See our vendors.


  • Single Pattern Competition The Single Pattern competition provides entrants with a small selection of commercial patterns to construct and put their own spin on the finished product. The Single Pattern Competition will take place before the Friday Night Social party, in a simple fashion-show style format.  No skits or other types of detailed presentations are required; entrants will walk ... Read more
  • Historical Masquerade The Historical Masquerade showcases costumes from historical periods and cultures of human civilization. Special attention is paid to such aspects as period-specific techniques and accurate details. Rules for the Historical Masquerade The Costume-Con 36 Historical Masquerade celebrates the history of costume, including all cultures, periods, and types of dress. It recognizes creativity, scholarship, stage presentation, and workmanship ... Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy Masquerade The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Masquerade is our "anything goes" contest. Cosplayers and steampunks are encouraged to participate in this masquerade. Sci-Fi & Fantasy Masquerade Rules I.    Competition Categories All costumes entered must be either Original or Re-creation. Original costumes are designed by the contestant, although they may be inspired by a fantasy, science fiction, or other source. They ... Read more
  • Hall Costume Awards Are you fond of showing off your costume in the halls? Well you’re in luck: Our sharp-eyed hall judges will be wandering, looking for gems in the crowd. Don’t be surprised if someone comes up to you and hands you an award for your awesome work! Read more
  • Future Fashion Folio The Future Fashion Design Contest (FFDC) has been a part of every Costume-Con, though its origin predates Costume-Con. The FFDC is a design competition open to anyone which takes place before the convention. Winners are selected, and are then published in the Future Fashion Folio. Members of Costume-Con can choose to make a design for ... Read more

Exhibit Hall

Panels & Presentations

  • Suggest a Topic If you have ideas for programming items that you would like to see, but are not volunteering to present or host them, please make your submissions below. Read more