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Quilt Show

Entry Form for Bobby Gear Memorial Quilt & Wearable Art Show


Bobby Gear Memorial Quilt & Wearable Art Show
CostumeCon 36, May 11-14, 2018, San Diego, California

After creating your fabulous quilt for CostumeCon 36, 'What do I do with it?' you ask? Well, here are your answers:

*Please direct any questions or comments directly to Elaine Sims at or by phone at (602) 910-0628. If you don't receive a response to your email within 5 days or so, please resend. (My spam filters sometimes act up.)

*Mail-ins are accepted and highly encouraged: even if you are attending the con, if you want to ship it ahead of time, great! The deadline for mail-in work is May 5, 2018. If it hasn’t been received by the end of that day, it won’t be exhibited unless you bring it with you and hand it to me at the con.

The mailing address is:
CC36 Quilt Show
c/o Rebecca Rowan
2113 Glenridge Road
Escondido, CA  92027

*If you will be attending, you may enter your quilt at the con. I plan to have an area for someone to accept it at the Con Registration area on Thursday and Friday. We will have blank registration paperwork available.

*If you send your entry information to me by the deadline, I will be able to have some really nice signage printed, so everyone will know the entry titles and creators.

*If you are bringing the quilt to the con, it would be very helpful if you could contact me, so I know to expect your entry (see previous note). There will be entry forms available at the con, or you may download it from the website. Please safety pin your form to the back of your quilt before submission. Legibility counts, please!

*As noted on the entry form, I need one specific contact person, with name and address. Email address is fantastic. All the contributors to each quilt must be listed.

*As noted on the Guidelines, pretty much anything goes as far as theme, colors, fabrics, shapes, techniques, and/or embellishment. The pattern source is required, though: if it isn’t completely original, please list the sources. If your design is inspired by something in particular, please note that in the Quilt Description area.

*We are planning for the quilts to be displayed in the Exhibit & Doll Exhibit areas of the con. Please don’t forget the fabric “tube” or tabs on the back top of the quilt for hanging.

*Please plan to pick your quilt up from the exhibit room no later than Monday afternoon. If you are not attending the Con and do not have someone who is able to pick up your quilt for you, you MUST include return postage. Pre-paid labels for USPS Flat Rate boxes are perfect for this!

Entry Form for Bobby Gear Memorial Quilt & Wearable Art Show Quilt & Wearable Art Contest Instructions & Deadlines