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Sassy Feet



Margot Silk Forrest and        Destiny Carter are lively and irreverent artisans who use leather (or manmade leather) as their canvas. They are your DIY resource for painting, decorating & upcycling shoes, handbags, vests, jackets. Their Merchant's Alley booth will have the highest quality advice (12 years experience!) plus matte, metallic and pearlescent paints, their own formula of PERMANENT glitter glaze, plus all the other supplies you’ll need to transform your leather clothes and accessories. They are the authors of “Sassy Feet! Paint, Embellish and LOVE Your Shoes (and Bags)!” Their revamped shoes and bags have appeared more than 25 times in Altered Couture magazine and been featured in multiple museum exhibitions in California.



They are offering a CC36-only sale of 20% off their amazing Glitter It! Glaze, which doesn’t crack, peel, or shed. 25 colors to use on shoes, bags, and clothing. For pictures, go to  and