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Tangerine Mountain


"Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs is the largest importer of vintage kimono, wafuku, and other Japanese textiles to the United States. We do business a little differently than our competitors, going to Japan up to three times a year to negotiate directly for our stock; which ensures that we acquire only authentic items at the best possible price. Because of this, we are able to offer our kimono and textiles at extremely affordable prices to the public, with pricing options as low as $30 for ready-to-wear kimono + obi sets, and low-cost per-pound pricing on our textiles. We have been working very hard to expand our business, and can also proudly say that we are the only kimono vendor in the United States to have been featured on prime time Japanese television's hit "YOUは何しに日本へ?" (/YOU wa Nani Shini Nippon eh?). We have also partnered with cultural organizations such as The Japan America Society of Chicago, as well as a living national treasure of Japan, to further encourage cultural exchange through kimono. We are a very laid-back, happy group of people here at Tangerine Mountain, and we're looking forward to returning to Costume-Con!"


"Stuff-a-Box" with Tangerine Mountain! It’s a longstanding tradition for Japanese artisans to remake or upcycle kimono that cannot be worn anymore. We invite you to keep that tradition alive by using vintage Japanese kimono fabric in your next project! We hope you enjoy our "Stuff-a-Box" special, which will allow Costume-Con 36 attendees to stuff as many kimono / textiles for upcycling as can fit into one of our specialty boxes for a flat rate of only $50! (Each box holds approx. 27 - 30 lbs of textiles, and has a retail value of over $200!) Available while supplies last (no coupons or codes necessary)!