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Things To Make Us Glow (Electronics Workshop for the Compleat Tyro)

Location: Catalina II
Time: 12:30 PM
Duration: 110 min.
Presenters: Jamie Hanrahan
Type: workshop

This workshop is for those who have next to no knowledge of electronics and want to take the first steps in a friendly, hands-on setting. You'll learn how to make both lamps and LEDs light up. You’ll learn the basics of voltage, current, and resistance, and why they're important. Series and parallel circuits, switches, what “short circuits” are and how to avoid them, and so on will all be covered. To participate in the hands-on portion you must purchase and bring a $45 parts kit and six fresh AA batteries. Most of the parts will be usable in later projects. Order your parts kit here: Review the list, remove any items you already own and can bring, then click “order project” and "checkout". The parts kits MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE, but non-participating observers are welcome. Cost: no at con fee.