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  • Dress up.
  • Meet talented people.
  • Learn something new.

Costume-Con is an international convention that has been devoted to costuming of all kinds since 1983. All skill levels, from beginners to masters, and all types of costumers are welcome, including cosplayers, historical reenactors, doll dressmakers, science fiction enthusiasts, fantasy fans, and more.

Latest Announcements


The theme will be "Ports of Call" and you can interpret that as broadly as you like. Maybe you're captain of a dirigible tethered in town. Or perhaps you work on an intergalactic cruiser currently in orbit. Maybe the year is 1942 and you're shipping out to the South Pacific.

Beyond informative panels and hands-on workshops, Costume-Con features many competitive events:

2018 will mark the return of the convention to its home port of San Diego, 35 years after the first Costume-Con on Mission Bay.

The possibilities are endless. Whatever you wear, we look forward to seeing it at CC36!

Thank you for attending!